Entitlement Trading 2018 – Market Report

Entitlement Trading 2018 – Market Report

In addition to the firm’s usual end of tenancy entitlement negotiations privately agreed, Richard Brown & Partners traded the following units on the open market in varying size lots from 3.5 units to 123 units. 

Non SDA                              88 units             Average £108/unit (plus VAT)

Similar to 2017; falling from an early high of £150/unit and dipping as low as £90/unit for a large block, the market eventually found a level at £100/unit before having a late rally with demand at around £120/unit

SDA                                       253 units                Average £200/unit (plus VAT)

A limited supply and healthy demand – a consistent trade throughout the season.

SDA Moorland                  4 units                   Average £62/unit (plus VAT)

Minimal trading activity of Moorland this year but it appears that £60 to £65/unit was the trade nationally throughout.